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Technical PE-Parts


In the range of technical products, you will find all products witch are not specifically assigned to another group. On this page you can see some examples of such parts. If you need a particular part, we are glad to helb you and work with you for a suitable solution. Contact

KT8000 Fugenmaster.jpg KT8024 Multiaufhänger.jpg KT8016 Ausdrehschlüssel.jpg
Joint-Master 3000
Art.no: KT8000
Multi-hanger for cartridges
Art.no: KT8024
Extrude tool for Aluminium tubes
Art.no: KT8016
KT4510 Kartuschenöffner.jpg KT4516 Zirkularbürstenkörper.jpg  
Cartridge opener for Aluminium cartridges
Art.no: KT4510
Circular brusch body
Art.no: KT4516
KT4505 WC DEO Deckel.jpg KT4506 WC DEo Deckel mit Runden.jpg
Art.no: KT4505
with circular openings
Art.no: KT4506