Company history

In the year 1964 the company Maderag AG was founded in Freinbach  by Mr. August Mäder. First, the Maderag AG has produced valve protective caps, cylindrical fuseholders and special nozzles from PE. The moulds was built in the own tool production. The printing of the caps was made with half automats.


In the year 1971 our company moved in to a new building on the Churerstrasse 164 in Pfäffikon with 3’000 m² production space. The production of plastic parts was extended. The screen printing was extended with offset printing. The noble of plastic parts (vacuum metallization) belong for approx 15 years to our program.

Today we produce on over  6’000 m² the following products:
PE-cartridge in sizes 25ml, 80ml,150ml, 310ml, 500ml, 1lt, with the appropriate accessories: Plunger, Nozzles and Caps. In the area of 2 components we manufacture the Twintec cartridge 150ml, a development of Maderag. The production of valve protectiv caps is still a part of our product range.


In collaboration with our customer, we are produce customized products. The injection moulds will be manufactured in our own tools production.

Since 1982 we are filling cartridges from 20ml up to 1 lt and Aluminium tubes 30ml up to 120ml, as well as Aluminium sausages 200ml up to 600ml with silicones, adhesives, acrylic etc.


We hope that we could give you an short overview of our company.