Nozzles + Adapter


In our large product range of nozzles, clip nozzles and adapters, you will find the right part for your application.

Nozzles can be made with PE, PP and PA. The parts can be produced in different color, according to your desire. Here you can see a small selection of our products. The complete assortment can you see in the PDF file on the end of the page.

Düse_310.1.jpg Düse_400.jpg Spachteldüse.jpg Beuteldüse_m.Auf.jpg
Clip-nozzle 310.1

Nozzle 400

Wide nozzle
Sachet nozzle with oppening device
with or without cap available
Düse_400.1.jpg KT2032_Düse 410_2.jpg KT2118_Beuteldüse 329.jpg KT2152_Spachteldüse m Nocken.jpg
Nozzle 400.1
Thread: M20x1.5
Clip-nozzle 410
Sachet Nozzle 329
Wide nozzle
with cam

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